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From what age can you use an electric bike?

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8 years, 12 years, 14 years... Depending on the model concerned (VAE, speed bike, etc.) and the riding conditions, children and adolescents may or may not use an electric bike. We tell you everything.

Electric bikes are a practical, economical, pleasant and reliable means of transport for everyday journeys. The practice of cycling in the city increased by 34% in 2022 and the path is clear for this figure to continue to increase ( 2024, the year of the bicycle) .

This practice is therefore fully integrated among adults but the question frequently arises of the use of electric bikes by younger people.

Can a child use an electric bike? What are the conditions to be met? The equipment? Road safety rules?

Follow the leader.

Regulations in France on electric bicycles

When we talk about electric bikes, a first distinction is made between VAE (electrically assisted bicycle) and speed bike.

For electrically assisted bicycles (VAE), a category to which the Elwing Yuvy belongs, European legislation provides for a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

For speed bikes, fast electric bikes, the maximum speed increases to 45 km/h and the rules on the conditions of use are reinforced.

Depending on the type of vehicle, the conditions of use by young people are therefore not the same.


Definition and conditions of use

An VAE (electrically assisted bicycle) is a bicycle equipped with a rechargeable battery and a motor. Electric assistance should only be provided if the cyclist is pedaling, and should be cut off when pedaling stops. The motor power must not exceed 250 watts, the speed is limited to 25 km/h and the batteries must be recyclable.

Using an eBike does not require a license, registration or insurance (although it is recommended).

An e-bike can be driven on cycle paths.

The minimum age to ride an VAE (electrically assisted bicycle)

As with the use of a traditional model, today there is no minimum age for riding an electric bike off the road : in fact country lanes, forest trails and private land, are considered less dangerous than the road.

To be able to travel on cycle paths or roads, the legislation requires you to be over 8 years old:

  • Article R. 412-34-1 bis of the Highway Code currently prohibits children under the age of eight from riding bicycles on the road.
  • Article R110-2 of the Highway Code defines the cycle path as being a “roadway exclusively reserved for two- or three-wheeled cycles and motorized personal transport vehicles” (including those with assisted pedaling), driven by users. over 8 years old.

In the event of an infraction, those legally responsible for the child may be fined.

Speed ​​bike

Definition and conditions of use

A speed bike is therefore an electric bike with a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

In France, this type of electric bike is considered a moped and its use is therefore subject to certain conditions.

Unlike an e-bike, a speed bike requires having an A, B or AM driving license (formerly BSR), a license plate, insurance, moped equipment (approved helmet, gloves, yellow vest excluding agglomeration). The speed bike must also have a front light and a brake light.

Speed ​​biking is prohibited on cycle paths.

The minimum age to ride a speed bike

According to article R211-2 of the Highway Code, all moped drivers must be at least fourteen years old and hold a road safety certificate if they have not reached the age of sixteen.

To drive a speed bike in France, you must be at least 14 years old.

Ride safely

If your child or teenager has to use an electric bike, the question of safety is essential.

Since March 22, 2017, the law requires children under 12 to wear an approved helmet. The helmet must be a suitable size and be properly attached and closed.

After this age, it is no longer compulsory but strongly recommended for a peaceful and safe practice.

When cycling it is also essential for your children to see and be seen and to have complete equipment. For children, a yellow vest or adhesive reflective strips on the bag or coat can be a good solution. Especially at night and in bad weather.

Wearing a yellow vest is also compulsory outside built-up areas, night and day, in the event of poor visibility.

If your bicycle is a rental bicycle, the same obligations to comply with safety requirements for equipment apply.

Technical constraints: size

For young people to be able to use an electric bike, it must be adapted to their size.

Our Yuvy two-seater cargo bike is suitable for a person whose height is at least 1m60 . It is therefore not suitable for everyone but there are other solutions to take your child on our compact cargo bike.

What if I want to transport my child on my electric bike?

Transporting your child on your own electric bike is entirely possible provided that the child is at least 9 months old (the age when the baby begins to have enough energy to sit up alone).

The Elwing Yuvy is a compact two-seater cargo bike designed for families. So children are part of the equation. The engine is adapted to remain efficient when transporting several people.

There are several ways to take your children with you:

  • Your passenger can sit on the two-seater saddle as long as their feet touch the toe clips. To touch the toe clips , the child must be at least 1m50 tall.
  • You can also transport your children on an electric bike with a suitable front or rear seat that is NF approved. The trailer can also be a very good option for transporting several children.

Find our entire file on the transport of children.

Good road !

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