We are passionate about board sports and freedom. We are constantly seeking to remove the constraints and friction from our daily journeys to make them exceptional. All our products are designed to increase the feeling of freedom felt when travelling.


Elwing is an independent company created in 2016 and 97% owned by its founders and their families.

Innovation is everywhere at Elwing. We incorporate the latest technology into our products and make them modular to maximize their usefulness and durability. We eliminate all non-essential intermediaries that separate the user from the product. No wholesalers, no import companies, no communication, advertising or press relations agencies. We cultivate a very low acquisition cost and maintain consistent and transparent margins. This promise of frugality requires constant reinvention, digitizing all facets of our business and removing everything that is not essential to our clients. Our prices are consistent and stable throughout the year, we do not make sales.

We multiplied our turnover by 5 in 2018, when we decided to eliminate one intermediary (distributor) and lower our prices by 38%. Since then we have doubled our turnover every two years. Our growth continues to accelerate and our team is growing.

Our goal: to refocus the value chain on what really matters to the customer.

What makes us different:

Mainly direct distribution to bring prices down naturally and make our products accessible to as many people as possible.

Innovative products designed by enthusiasts with input from users, tested and proven in real conditions.

A desire to shake up travel habits through a passionate, enlightening and friendly community.

A direct relationship between designer and user, transparent, sincere and without add-ons.


At Elwing, we attach great importance to meeting our commitments: to make useful, sustainable and affordable products and to reduce the ecological footprint of our business.

We use plastic-free and virtually paint-free packaging.

We do not use air transport. Whenever possible, we use rail transport rather than sea transport. Otherwise, we favor shipping companies that use ships powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG).

We generally accept returns of products that have already been used, which we refurbish, certify and sell to give them a second life (under warranty).

When the batteries in our products reach the end of their life, they are collected and recycled with our partner Corepile.

Our prices are stable. We do not make promotions or sales. When we lower the price, it is a sustainable decision made possible by continuous cost optimization.

We cultivate a commercial attitude (as opposed to a sales attitude). We maintain a direct and long-lasting relationship with each customer by making ourselves available, transparent and sincere. We take responsibility for our mistakes and share our successes.



You have a strong culture of board sports: this is the basis for joining Elwing. We are looking for serious people who enjoy a challenge and are capable of accelerating our development. You need to be able to constantly adapt to new challenges, learn very quickly and stay in action.

Do you have the desire to fulfil yourself, to prove yourself in a fast-growing French company? Then join us!

You will join a team of young, passionate professionals at the service of their customers.

You will join a unique family and culture.


Head of Logistics (M/F)

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