Yuvy 1 - vélo électrique biplace cargo compact reconditionné - ElwingSteppeComme neuf

For freedom

For Elwing, freedom means going where you want, when you want, with whom you want, taking what you want. It's driving peacefully and safely. It's being able to cover distance while consuming little. It's being able to change whenever you want. It means leaving a little more room for improvisation, without it being a source of stress. It's changing the route, the schedule, the pace, just for a change, just to feel free.
Our vehicles are optimized for driving alone, as a couple or as a family on a daily basis in a safe, pleasant and efficient manner.

For the long term

We are redoubling our efforts to make our products reliable and easily repairable. We support you throughout your experience, until the end of the product's life by providing the best service locally through our hand-picked local partners (warranty, maintenance, insurance, assistance, advice, etc.). We recondition the products returned to us and give them a second life.

A passionate and committed team

Elwing is an independent French company created in 2016 and 98% owned by its founders and their families. In an approach of innovation and frugality, we design exhilarating experiences.

We are constantly looking for people capable of transforming and building the company alongside us.

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