We believe that feeling free makes people happy.

Elwing is an independent French company created in 2016 and 98% owned by its founders and their families. Everything we do is aimed at cultivating this feeling of freedom on a daily basis. Our job is to design vehicles that make your daily commute exhilarating. Our vehicles are modular so that they can be just as useful for getting to work as they are for running errands, dating, or dropping your kids off at school.

manifeste Elwing Enjoy Freedom

We work hard to make our products reliable and easily repairable. We accompany you throughout your experience, until the end of the product's life by providing the service you need (warranty, maintenance, insurance, assistance, advice ...), locally through our hand-picked local partners. We refurbish the products that are returned to us and give them a second life.

For Elwing, freedom means going where you want, when you want, with whom you want, taking what you want. It's riding safely and serenely. It is to be able to travel a long distance while consuming little. It's being able to change when you want. It means leaving a little more room for improvisation, without it being a source of stress. It's changing your itinerary, your schedule, your rhythm, just to change, just to feel free.

Quentin Sartorius


Aux origines d'Elwing

Elwing est né de la rencontre de Quentin Sartorius et Gael Lapierre. Ces passionnés de glisse et de technologie se sont lancé le défi d'apporter le meilleur de la glisse en plein centre-ville. Un skate électrique permettant de vraies sensations de glisse. Basée à Bordeaux, l’équipe conçoit des produits uniques. 

Elwing team

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