Resell your Elwing bike at the best price to treat yourself to the new model. Or just pocket some money.

In partnership with Loewi, Elwing offers you the trade-in of your Yuvy.

  • Complete the request form
  • Receive a trade-in offer from Loewi
  • Validate the offer and let yourself be guided
  • Receive the payment and use it (for example) to treat yourself to the latest model on!

For accessible and sustainable mobility

This collaboration marks a significant step in our commitment to promoting sustainable mobility and offering our customers practical solutions for eco-responsible urban living.

Loewi's Mission

Founded in 2022 Loewi has a bold vision: making electric mobility more affordable and more ecological. Faced with the alarming accumulation of electronic waste in France, to the tune of 1.4 million tonnes annually, Loewi offers a second life to electric bicycles and contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Extending the life of Electric Bikes

Loewi is dedicated to revitalizing electric bikes that, without intervention, would gather dust in a garage or be exported in poor condition. By opting for reconditioning, Loewi creates a virtuous economic model, supporting both ecology and the local economy. This approach not only promotes e-bike adoption but also ensures that mobility devices continue to serve as long as possible.

A circular economy serving Europeans

Loewi's objective is clear: to democratize access to reconditioned electric bicycles, thus allowing users to save up to 30% compared to the cost of a new bicycle. This initiative fits perfectly with Elwing's mission to provide practical and accessible electric mobility solutions for all families.

Why this partnership?

This partnership is much more than a commercial collaboration; it is a synergy of values ​​and objectives. For Elwing, giving our customers the opportunity to easily resell their bike, thus preventing it from being abandoned, is a priority. Thanks to Loewi, our bikes can be adopted again by active users, extending their life cycle and thus reducing the ecological footprint of each journey.

Green is the new black

By combining our efforts, we offer our customers not only high-quality products and pleasant mobility, but also the possibility of adopting habits that have less impact on the environment, one kilometer at a time.


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