Vélo biplace pour les amoureux : la nouvelle Dolce Vita - Elwing

Two-seater bike for lovers: the new Dolce Vita

, by ISAURE DUCROS, 7 min reading time

The Elwing Yuvy is a unique compact cargo bike that can accommodate two adults on its two-seater saddle. At the crossroads of worlds between the tandem, the Vespa, the classic bike and the scooter...

The Elwing Yuvy is a unique compact cargo bike that can accommodate two adults on its two-seater saddle.

At the crossroads of worlds between the tandem (a bit of a pain in the ass), the Vespa (romantic but noisy), the classic bike (with a luggage rack that hurts the butt and can't handle the climbs), the (polluting) scooter… The Yuvy is THE new means of transport for lovers.

Chat without the noise of the engine, be innocently stuck together, move together, without struggling, in the open air. The Yuvy allows you to reinvent the journey, to make it a moment of sharing, comfort and discovery... We stroll, we look up from our cell phones, we exchange ideas and we rediscover the city.

And since you still talk about it best, we met Luna (26 years old, illustrator) and Paul (29 years old, sustainable development sector), happy owners of a Yuvy for a year.

Hello Luna and Paul! We hear you're big fans of Elwing's Yuvy. Can you tell us more?

Luna : Hello! Yes, absolutely. The Yuvy has truly changed the way we get around the city. With the two-seater saddle, it's so easy to go on an adventure as a couple.

Paul : Exactly. It's our favorite means of transportation to go to work or just to go out. Bordeaux is a magnificent city, and riding a Yuvy allows us to enjoy the city in a very pleasant and intimate way.

What makes the Yuvy so special for your urban commute?

Luna : I would say it's the combination of convenience and fun. The two-seater saddle allows us to chat and exchange easily during our journeys, which is much more pleasant than being isolated in a car or having to shout on a classic scooter.

Paul : And then there's the style. The Yuvy really has a unique look reminiscent of Dolce Vita. You feel a bit like you're in an Italian film from the 60s when you walk around with it. This is the new Vespa for us!

Do you have any anecdotes or special moments to share since using Yuvy?

Luna : Oh, there are a lot. But one moment that comes to mind is a summer evening when we went for a picnic on the banks of the Garonne. We just parked our Yuvy, took out our picnic basket and enjoyed an incredible sunset. It was perfect.

Paul : Ah for me, it’s every morning (laughs). Going to work with Emma on the Yuvy, crossing the awakening city, it's a quality moment that we share before starting our day. It really brings us closer.

How do you see the impact of Yuvy on urban mobility?

Paul : I think it's a revolution. The Yuvy shows that we can combine sustainable mobility and pleasure. It's electric, therefore eco-friendly, and its design really encourages people to opt for greener means of transport.

Luna : And it makes the city more accessible. No parking problems, no traffic... It saves time and stress. More people on Yuvys means a quieter, cleaner and friendlier city.

A final word for those who are hesitant to adopt Yuvy?

Luna : Go for it! It is not only an eco-responsible choice but also an incredible way to rediscover your city and enjoy each journey.

Paul : Absolutely. The Yuvy is more than a means of transport, it is an experience. And for us, it became a symbol of our life together. It brings joy to our daily journeys.

Thank you, Luna and Paul, for this sharing which allows us to consider urban mobility in a new light.

Luna and Paul : Thank you!

The new Dolce Vita…

two-seater electric bike Paris On a gentle spring morning, the city of love awakens under a clear sky, bathed in the light of the dawning sun. At the heart of this urban canvas, a couple explores the streets of Paris on their Yuvy. They navigate through the maze of cobbled streets and along the banks of the Seine.
The Yuvy fits perfectly into the urban landscape.
They glide alongside the Seine, where the reflections of the sun dance on the water, offering a spectacular view of the monuments that line the banks. The couple stops to admire the majestic Notre-Dame. Their journey takes them to the beating heart of Paris, the Louvre pyramid sparkles like a jewel under the first rays of the sun. They continue their journey, winding through the narrow streets of the Marais, a vibrant district that combines the charm of old Paris with the vitality of the contemporary cultural scene.
The day progresses, the couple heads towards Montmartre, climbing the sloping streets with disconcerting ease. Arriving at the top, they are greeted with a breathtaking view of the city stretching out at their feet... The walk continues through the streets lined with artisan shops, bakeries exuding the tempting scent of fresh bread and small cafés where you can observe the incessant ballet of Parisian life.
Each stop, each diversion is an invitation to discover a new secret of Paris, a new story to tell. This Yuvy getaway isn't just a journey through iconic locations; it is an immersion in the rhythm, beauty and spirit of Paris. A celebration of freedom, love and the joy of living. It is an experience where each sensation, each discovery, becomes an indelible memory, a part of the timeless magic of Paris.

And if you're not in love, if you prefer outings with friends or if you're simply more pragmatic...

...two-seater electric cargo bikes have many other qualities.

Mobility without constraints

Two-seater electric bikes are perfect for urban travel, offering a practical and agile solution for navigating traffic. They allow you to travel together without using a car. An electric bike's battery guarantees enough autonomy to cover a significant distance, making daily commutes or urban adventures both easy and accessible.

An economical means of transport

Using a two-seater electric bike like the Yuvy can be more economical than other modes of transportation, like driving a car or public transportation (especially if you use it regularly for short to medium trips). With a speed adjusted to electric bike standards, it ensures a balance between speed and safety.

A precisely measured effort

When traveling as a pair on a bike, the person pedaling may struggle on climbs or in certain more complicated conditions. Electric assistance makes traveling easier, especially on hilly routes or for long distances. It makes the journey less tiring and more pleasant for both passengers. This assistance is a major asset, it allows you to easily approach the urban environment.

A large number of accessories

Cargo electric bikes can be equipped with numerous accessories that make the duo cycling experience even more enjoyable.

A reduction in pollution

By choosing a compact two-seater cargo electric bike like the Yuvy for their travels, couples or other users contribute to reducing road congestion and pollution, particularly noise pollution in the city, thus improving the quality of urban life.

Two-seater electric bikes represent an innovative and advantageous transport solution, whether solo or in pairs.

Happy Valentine's Day to all lovers.

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