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Top 10 electric bike accessories

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Anti-theft, basket, panniers, rear-view mirror, battery, rain gear, central stand, shock absorber, helmet, phone holder... Find our selection of the best accessories for electric bikes.

An VAE is an electrically assisted bicycle. It meets 3 essential criteria: assistance is triggered when pedaling, its speed is limited to 25 km/h and the power of its motor must not exceed 250 watts.

Has your VAE become the best ally in your daily life? Are you cutting through the air, leaving traffic jams and crowded metro trains behind? Are you looking for ways to further optimize your driving experience? What accessories should you have to maximize your electric bike experience?

We have prepared a selection of the best accessories for you; to be refined according to your driving style, your environment (city, countryside), price and personal preferences.

#1 To fight against theft: an effective anti-theft device

U-lock, wheel lock, chain lock, etc.: there are several options depending on the price, the desired level of security and the bike models.

Most ! The accessory accessory: an anti-theft support to attach to the frame of your electric bike.

> Our advice to combat electric bike theft

#2 To carry everything: a basket or bags

Your handbag in the front basket, your shopping bags in panniers, your luggage in the rear basket, making a delivery with a rack at the front... Make your choice, there are multiple solutions to allow you to transport everything!

> More details

#3 To see what’s going on behind: a rearview mirror

Electric bikes are increasingly used in everyday and urban use. To ensure maximum comfort and safety, cyclists are increasingly equipping themselves with mirrors that allow them to monitor the traffic behind them.

> More details

#4 To go even further: a spare electric bike battery

VAE (electrically assisted bicycle) batteries can have different degrees of autonomy.

The battery of the Elwing Yuvy two-seater cargo bike is available in a standard battery version with a range of 50 to 70km or as a long-distance battery with a range of 80 to 110km.

> More details

#5 To ride even in the rain: good equipment

Among the most useful electric bike accessories: good rain gear.

A bicycle rain cape is a great investment for regular cyclists who want to continue riding in rainy weather while staying dry. It is practical, lightweight and offers effective protection against bad weather. There are many brands and models on the market, so it is advisable to choose the one that best suits your needs and driving style.

#6 For stable and easy parking: a good kickstand

Your e-bike (electrically assisted bicycle) can be equipped with a central or side stand. The new Yuvy is equipped with a central stand, more stable for placing children or cargo in complete safety.

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#7 For a smooth ride: a shock absorber fork

Your electric bike may be equipped with a shock absorber fork. The Elwing Yuvy offers a rigid fork or shock absorber fork option for even more driving comfort.

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#8 To have your hands free: a phone holder

If you need your phone to guide you, it's best to do it safely and stay alert and available without having it in your hands. The phone holder is a very practical accessory.

> More details

#9 For safety: a bicycle helmet

For your VAE (electrically assisted bicycle) journeys, it is better to focus on safety with a suitable helmet. There are several ranges of helmets, protection and prices depending on your use and your desires. The helmet is one of the essential accessories for cycling.

#10 To see well and be seen: good lighting

The lighting on your bike is very important to see the road better and to be seen. TheYuvy is equipped with front and rear lighting with brake lights to warn you when you slow down.


The Yuvy's integrated two-seater saddle remains the best accessory for fun and shared everyday journeys.

This list is of course not exhaustive, your VAE can also be equipped with mudguards, child seats, tires, pedals, pump, bell, tool kit, etc.

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