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Electric skateboard or traditional skateboard?

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Whether you are a traditional skateboard purist, an early e-boarder or simply curious, here are some points of comparison between electric and traditional skateboards.

Are you hesitating between an electric skateboard and a traditional skateboard?

Whether you are a traditional skateboard purist, an early e-boarder or simply curious, here are some points of comparison between electric and traditional skateboards.

Utilisation facility

Electric skateboarding is more easily and quickly accessible to beginners.

It actually takes less time to understand and master an electric skateboard. Moving forward with a remote control and not by pushing with your foot helps you maintain your balance and reduces the risk of falling.

“It’s just great, it’s super quick to get started.” Jérémy B. (Halokee single - Elwing)

"The sliding sensation is magnificent. I would like to point out that I was a complete beginner, I had never touched a skateboard before (now intermediate in 2 months) it took me 15 minutes to use it well and turn well ." Yacine B. (Nimbus dual - Elwing)

Distance and long journeys

If you choose your skateboard to move around, an electric skateboard will be a good ally on longer journeys, with climbs or on a rougher road by adding all-terrain wheels. It allows you to tire less, to go further, without forcing, you just have to enjoy. The long-distance battery which has a better autonomy also allows you to extend the kilometers traveled a little further.

“I use the Halokee Dual every day to get to work and I am totally won over, both by the power of its two motors which offers smooth and rapid acceleration even on climbs, but also by the stability and the maneuverability of the longboard. I opted for the long distance battery which offers good autonomy allowing me to make the round trip to my workplace, approximately 20Km.” Flo (Halokee Dual - Elwing)


An electric skateboard allows a faster movement speed than a traditional skateboard. The skateboard remote controls can offer different degrees of speed which can go up to 32 km/h in sport mode.

“Great sensations, it's smooth but it bombs." Quentin D. (Nimbus dual - Elwing)

The price

Electric skateboards include additional components such as batteries, electric motors and electronic control systems that add to their production cost and, therefore, their selling price. Prices vary significantly depending on the models (cruiser, longboard, surfskate, skateboard), motors (single or double), battery type (standard or long distance), trucks, wheels, deck, etc.

An electric skateboard is therefore more expensive than a traditional skateboard, but can remain affordable with good value for money.

“The skateboard is very beautiful, robust, with a retro design. Excellent value for money. 👌 “ Anthony M. (Nimbus dual - Elwing)

"Excellent value. It is magnificent, light, efficient and so on and so forth and the best...” Geoffrey O. (Halokee dual - Elwing)

Emotion and sensations

Once the rational arguments have passed, skateboarding remains above all a story of emotions and sensations. And electric skateboarding is not left out...

An emotion that we look for in the past , bringing back the sensations of adolescence, memories of endless ollies and skateparks with friends?

"I am 46 years old and come back to skateboarding with my boys and also for the pure pleasure of rediscovering the sensations of yesteryear. At the slightest opportunity to go for a race and when it is dry of course, I leave my bike to take my helmet, my gloves and my skateboard." David M. (Nimbus single - Elwing)

An emotion of the present , drawn from the sensation of the moment, there, the wind, the noise of the wheels, the speed, the sensation of gliding?

“Great, really surprised in a good way. A fluid ride close to snowboarding." Clément S. (Staco dual - Elwing)

Or an emotion drawn from a futuristic projection , being proud to have an avant-garde means of transport, the hoverboard back to the Future?

"I've always dreamed of having the hoverboard back in the future.... I still don't ride on a hoverboard perhaps but on a single motor + long distance battery nimbus with almost perfect dimensions to cross Paris." David M. (Nimbus single - Elwing)

To summarize, electric skateboard or traditional skateboard: it all depends on your use and your desires.

If you value the pure skateboarding experience, creativity in tricks, and lower initial cost, a traditional skateboard might be a better choice. But if you are looking for convenience, ease of use, and the ability to travel long distances an electric skateboard is more suitable. The sensations remain the same.

“Vaya con dios.”

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