The Sustainable Mobility Package

Le Forfait Mobilités Durables - Elwing

Because we all stand to gain from it, the transition to a cheaper, easier and more flexible mobility is under way. This is the reason why electric vehicles and in particular Electrically Assisted Bicycles (EAB) are becoming increasingly popular. Especially for those on their way to work. Despite the cost, acquiring a new electric vehicle is a purchase that represents a long-term investment. After having detailed the Bicycle Purchase Bonus in a previous article, we explain here how you can benefit from assistance thanks to the very recent Sustainable Mobility Package.

The scheme

What exactly does the Sustainable Mobility Package consist of? It is a lump-sum aid that the employee can obtain from the employer to cover the costs of his personal transport to work. Up to now, this assistance can amount to a maximum of €400 per year and is exempt from tax and social security contributions. In 2021, the ceiling will even rise to €500. If combined with public assistance, an employee can receive up to €1,000 per year if he or she chooses to travel by bicycle. This is the case in Île-de-France and Lyon, for example.

Note that the means of transport concerned are bicycles (whether electric or mechanical), but also car-pooling, rented or self-service equipment (such as electric scooters) or public transport outside the subscription fee. The good news is that the package is perfectly suited to the purchase of our Yuvy, and can cover up to two thirds of its cost in the first year!


At the end of 2019, the government passed the mobility law at the instigation of the Ministry of Ecology. In very concrete terms, the law aims to improve day-to-day travel. Then, it was in May that the system really came into force. Once the confinement is lifted, the Sustainable Mobility Package is introduced to encourage as many of us as possible to favour cleaner transport. With the aim also at that time of limiting the spread of the virus. This flat-rate aid is primarily intended for private-sector employees and employers. For public employees, the conditions are a little different and are explained in detail on the government's website.

In order to find our way around, we have set up a partnership with BeeToGreenla, a platform for companies and their employees. Indeed, thanks to this free platform, companies can offer their employees the opportunity to buy an Electrically Assisted Bicycle by directly integrating public aid and the company mobility package (400€/year) at the time of purchase. The Yuvy is already available on the platform.

The ambition is to increase from 3% to 10% the number of bike journeys between home and the company. By making a commitment, employers are contributing to the well-being of their employees and also bringing them together around a common project. In short, the ambitions are multiple and virtuous!


If at first glance, the purchase of an electric bicycle represents a significant cost for a private individual, you must now take into account the fact that there are many different types of aid available to you. Usually cumulative, they can cover a large part of the purchase price and enable you to make this investment. Once the purchase is amortized, you will continue to receive this package every year. Furthermore, if you are not sure whether you can take advantage of the Sustainable Mobility Package, talk to your employer, who will no doubt help you take the plunge into eco-mobility.