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En route vers 2024 ! L'année du vélo ? - Elwing

On the way to 2024! The year of the bike?

, by ISAURE DUCROS, 9 min reading time

What are the advances in terms of mobility? Are purchasing aids maintained? Will 2024 be the year of the bicycle? We tell you everything.

Pandemic, inflation, drop in purchasing power, increase in energy prices, air pollution... The electric bike has emerged in recent years as an excellent response to the many crises we are going through. By being a reliable, economical, practical means of transport and adapted to an urban environment that is too often saturated, the electric bike has become a real ally towards smoother mobility.

And at the start of 2024, the future seems bright for the world of cycling. More cycle paths, better parking conditions, ever more innovative bicycles, a better cycling culture, less incivility, aid, the Cycling and Walking Plan…

Mobility in France in 2024: a great year for cycling!

Cycle paths that are increasingly adapted and secure

To reduce the massive use of the car in particular, the 2023 - 2027 Cycling and Walking Plan launched in May 2023 continues its momentum and its vocation to make cycling a part of the daily lives of French people. One of its first missions is to help communities finance cycling infrastructure projects in their territory with an adapted and secure cycling network. The objective for 2027 is to reach 80,000 km of secure cycling facilities, 100,000 km in 2030. 250 million euros are dedicated each year to accelerate the development of cycling facilities in France in cities and outside urban areas.

At the start of 2024, 59,622 km of secure cycling facilities have been deployed across the region, which leaves plenty of room for improvement in terms of mobility for the years to come.

Strengthening the fight against theft via registration and secure parking

Being able to ride safely is good, but you still need to be able to keep your bike and park safely!

The purchase price of an electric bike can be significant, so it's a matter of protecting it as best as possible. You can consult our article on ways to secure your electric bike against theft. Other advances should help in this fight.


The theft of electric bikes in the city is a real scourge and one of the first obstacles to the development of this gentle and alternative mode of transport to the car.

To fight against bicycle theft but also receiving stolen goods and illegal resale, bicycles and electric bicycles must be marked since January 1, 2021. This registration system was put in place as part of the Law on the Orientation of mobility (LOM). The fleet of registered bicycles is gradually increasing, providing their users with additional security.

Secure parking at stations

The LOM law also requires stations to offer secure parking spaces. By “secure parking” we mean equipment that makes it possible to stabilize and secure the bicycle at two points, to the frame and to one of the wheels. Unlike “free” parking spaces (bars, rails or bicycle racks), they must also benefit from a secure closing system, human surveillance or video surveillance. The decree also specifies that parking must be located in covered, lit areas and located less than 70 m from access to the station, except in cases of proven technical impossibility.

In total, 1,133 stations are affected by this obligation to equip themselves with secure parking provided by the LOM, or 37% of all railway stations in the region. Today, two out of three stations do not achieve their objectives. Will 2024 see this statistic progress in France? That's all we want!

Secure parking in buildings

The law for access to housing and renovated town planning (ALUR) requires co-ownerships with spaces for cars to offer a secure bicycle garage and provide one space per accommodation. More recently, the LOM mobility orientation law provides that one or more co-owners can be authorized by the assembly to carry out the work at their expense: a solution which can be used when the rest of the co-owners refuse to carry out the work. . In this case, the spaces are reserved for those who pay the bill. Little by little, secure garages will make their way into car parks to protect our dear two electric wheels.

Better education on cycling

Still within the framework of the 2023 - 2027 Cycling and Walking Plan, the Government has reaffirmed its desire to generalize the “Know How to Ride a Bike” system. This program is run by the Ministry of Sports and offers children aged 6 to 11 to follow 10 hours of supervised training. By 2024, all children entering secondary school will have to master cycling independently in real traffic conditions, particularly in the city. Since 2019, the cycling and walking plan has enabled 200,000 children to be trained in the system. In 2023 alone, 200,000 additional children will benefit from the program.

The company's policy is to establish a real cycling culture among future generations, to make a bet on the future of cycling. An approach which is accompanied by other actions such as the development of trade fairs or dedicated events: the R'Bike trade show, the Mai à Vélo event, the Euro Bikes trade show, the Vélo in Paris festival, the Pro Days trade show, etc.

The good idea now would be to extend this transmission of good practices to an older audience ;)! In the saddle !

Companies are also involved in this approach aimed at facilitating the use of bicycles, in particular through tax reductions for companies offering company bicycles to their employees.

Intermodality : being able to ride your bike on the train or bus

Today, mobility by bicycle is not yet a given and taking your electric bike, mountain bike, longtail or cargo bike on the move or on a trip can be very complicated. In France, trains or TGVs offer very few or no spaces for bicycles, disassembled or not, and discourage some users from taking their bicycle or electric bicycle which is nevertheless an excellent companion for the “last kilometer”.

In trains, the LOM (mobility orientation law) establishes the obligation to provide spaces dedicated to the transport of undisassembled bicycles on board new and renovated trains assigned to the transport of passengers, of which there are 8 in the general case.

In coaches, new coaches used for regular public road passenger transport services, with the exception of urban services, must be equipped, when they are put into service, with a system for transporting at least five bicycles or electric bicycles. not dismantled.

What about aid in 2024? A course maintained and strengthened!

Like every year, the ecological bonus mechanism changes on January 1st. Mobility aid for purchasing in France is maintained and even enriched for the cycle sector.

Good news ! Help is now open to used bikes.

Until now excluded from the system, bicycles and e-bikes (electrically assisted bicycles) sold second-hand are eligible since January 1, 2024 for the government bicycle bonus. To benefit from it, you must go through a professional. “Second life” Yuvys reconditioned by Elwing will now be eligible for assistance.

There are still few details on the conditions of allocation but we can expect that this used bike bonus will be modeled on the system for new bikes with aid targeted at households with the lowest incomes.

Concerning new properties, the 2024 premium scale does not change compared to 2023. Combined with local aid, State aid is set at 40% of the acquisition price. However, it is reserved for the most modest incomes. The calculation basis remains that of the reference tax income per unit (RFR).

For companies, associations and communities , the bonus amounts to 1000 euros. It only concerns converted cycles, folding bikes and electric trailers.

To apply for assistance payment for the purchase of an electric bike, you must go to the government conversion bonus site with your purchase invoice.

Even more practical and innovative bikes

Cycle brands and professionals are competing in ingenuity to offer electric bike models that are ever more suited to our lifestyles. Like the Yuvy 2 , e-bikes (electrically assisted bicycles) are evolving to adapt to our new lifestyles: extended range, more powerful motor, wider wheels, more comfortable saddle, long-distance battery, etc. .. If it is intended to replace the car on short journeys, the electric bike must be able to offer the same advantages and the same comfort.

Brands and professionals in the cycling industry like Decathlon continue to innovate and add new features to their products. Cycling is no longer just a sport, it is a real means of transport. The trends are towards modularity, security, comfort...

The real asset of the Elwing Yuvy model is its two-seater saddle which can carry 2 adults up to 180 kg, particularly suitable for use in town. Shimano Altus 7 derailleur, central stand, wide tires, Tektro hydraulic brakes... the Yuvy 2 is a real life companion for all your trips, a compact electric bike that accompanies you throughout your life, also practical as a couple thanks to in the tandem saddle, with children or alone.

2024 Olympics: cycling in the spotlight?

One of the major events of this year 2024 is the organization of the Olympic Games in Paris. Sport will be in the spotlight in the capital and the organizers assure that these will be the greenest Olympic Games in history. Can we expect to see traffic mainly centered around cycling? That's all we want!

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