Elwing and Corepile for battery recycling

Elwing et Corepile pour le recyclage des batteries - Elwing

Electric mobility is increasingly appreciated by users for the comfort and freedom it offers. Easy to use, electric vehicles enable users to avoid public transport and the hazards of traffic while often being less costly than other options in the long term. At Elwing, to ensure that the experience is as complete as possible, we are committed to Corepile, the benchmark organization in France for collecting and recycling your end-of-life batteries.
We explain everything about this partnership to you.

What is Corepile?

Corepile is an eco-organization for the collection and recycling of batteries, portable and mobility batteries. State-approved, Corepile has been helping its members, who are distributors, producers and importers of battery products and/or batteries, for 20 years.

In 2018, Corepile will develop a service for the processing of bicycle and electric mobility batteries. After noting that each year more than 300,000 electric bicycles are sold in France and nearly 650,000 other electric vehicles such as hoverboards, skateboards or scooters. All the more so as the figures have been rising steadily in recent years. It is therefore important that there is an outlet for these batteries.

Elwing membership

Elwing is therefore a Corepile member company, allowing you to benefit from their collection points for the batteries of your electric vehicles. The sale price of our Powerkit electric skateboards includes €5 which is donated to Corepile for their collection and recycling service. For our Yuvy bikes, €7.50 is donated. Once collected by Corepile, the batteries of our bikes will be processed. The formwork of the batteries is then melted down and reused for the manufacture of everyday objects.

So no matter what region or town you live in with one of our products, you can easily find a Corepile collection point where you can drop off your battery. Be careful, however, to make a clear distinction between collection points for batteries and batteries and those specifically designed for electrically-assisted bicycle batteries. Everything is well explained and specified on the Corepile website.


Dear Elwing customers, you are now aware of the end of life of the Powerkit and Yuvy batteries and you can drive with peace of mind! Thanks to our collaboration with the Corepile organization, we can take back these batteries and process them for recycling with our partner.