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How to properly protect your electric bike against theft: we tell you everything!

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VAEs (electrically assisted bicycles) are frequently the target of theft.

To overcome this eventuality, here are some solutions for cyclists to ensure a maximum level of security for your electric bike and protect it against theft.

Several additional solutions are available to you to secure your electric bikes:

  • good anti-theft equipment: we detail below the different models of padlocks and their strong points

  • choose carefully where you park your electric bikes

  • registration of your bike

  • insurance against theft and breakage

Anti-theft devices

There are several types of e-bike locks to attach to the frame, each with their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of security, portability and ease of use. Here are some of the most common types for securing your eBike:

U padlock

Benefits :

  • Very resistant to lever attacks.

  • Offer a good balance between security and portability.

  • Easy to use and attach to your bike frame and sturdy support


  • Can be heavy and cumbersome for cyclists to carry.

  • May not fit all media types.

Foldable padlocks

Benefits :

  • More compact and easier to transport than a U-lock.

  • Flexible to accommodate a variety of media.


  • Less resistant to prying attacks than high quality U.

Chain padlock

Benefits :

  • Flexible, allowing the bike to be locked to a wide variety of objects.

  • Generally longer than other types of locks, offering more possibilities for attaching the e-bike.


  • Can be heavy to transport.

  • Less resistant to pry attacks than high quality U-locks.

Cable lock

Benefits :

  • Lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Ideal for securing accessories or the wheel.


  • Less secure than other types of locks, because a wired lock is easier to cut with suitable tools.

Foldable hardened steel padlocks

Benefits :

  • Offer a good compromise between security and portability.

  • Resistant to lever attacks.


  • May have a price above others.

Combination padlock

Benefits :

  • No key required, which means less risk of key loss.


  • Lower level of security than a key or cylinder lock.

Smart anti-theft devices (PIN code or Bluetooth)

Benefits :

  • May provide tracking and alert features in the event of attempted theft. Some are equipped with an alarm. The alarm is triggered when the bike is moved and has the effect of deterring the thief.


  • May be vulnerable to hacks or battery failure.

Hardened steel padlock

Benefits :

  • Extremely resistant to physical attacks.


  • Often heavy and expensive.

Choosing the type of lock will depend on your specific security needs, portability and budget.

How to properly secure your lock to prevent theft? Pay attention to your attachment points. Be sure to attach the padlock or anti-theft device to the frame and not to a wheel which can be removed more easily by a potential thief. Accessories (wheels, saddle, etc.) are generally very popular with thieves, however the Yuvy offers additional protection and offers an immovable saddle and a rear wheel that is more difficult to remove due to the presence of the engine.

Do not make it easier for a potential thief by placing the lock on the wheels or on the ground.

Ideally, opt for a high-quality lock to ensure the best possible protection for your bike. It may also be a good idea to use multiple padlocks and different types of fasteners to add security.

Abus or kryptonite offer a complete range of anti-theft models.

Discover our selection of anti-theft devices


How to choose the right place where you park your bike?

Where you park your eBike is essential to ensuring its security and can act as a deterrent against thieves.

Use a garage or secure storage space: If possible, store your e-bike in a secure location when you are not using it.

If you have to park it outside, choose a well-lit and frequented place.

We also advise you to remove the battery if you cannot store your bike in a secure place.

A thief may be tempted to act even in these conditions but he will have much less chance of succeeding.


At the time of purchase, each Yuvy from Elwing receives a registration number which makes the model unique and identifiable. This marking allows, in the event of theft, your VAE to be identified. The thief could be identified if he tries to resell it.


Elwing offers an Elwing Care program with Estaly.

And since there is always a possibility that your bikes will still be stolen or damaged when you are not on them, the last option to protect yourself is to take out insurance.

This protection includes:

  • Coverage against total theft, theft of accessories and accidental breakage

  • Compensation for the purchase price of the bike for 2 years, without reduction

  • Minimum excess: €0 for breakage, 5% of the price of the bike for theft

By following these tips, you ensure a maximum level of safety against potential abuse on your bike.

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