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How to choose the right electric bike?

, by Marjorie Bresson, 3 min reading time

You are ready to ride an electric bike but now how do you choose it? The weight, size, price, modularity, certification ... so many criteria that must be taken into account once you have decided to take the plunge!

More and more users are traveling by electric bike in France. Electric bikes now represent nearly 45% of the total value of new bicycle sales in France. Steadily increasing, the market could pass the share of the million electric bicycles sold by 2025. The state continue to encourage this practice by subsidizing the purchase of such vehicles. But then, if you are ready to ride an electric bike, how do you choose it?

Weight and height

You can decide to switch to an electric bike for several reasons. Whether for personal and leisure travel or the commute to work, the primary interest is often to limit your time in transport or in traffic jams. If you don't want your vehicle to become a burden, it is recommended that you first look at the weight and size of the electric bike. These characteristics are different from one brand to another according to the needs they meet.

An electric bike is naturally heavier than a traditional bicycle, especially since the weight of the battery is added to it. At Elwing, our Yuvy electric bike weighs around 30kg. We designed it to be as utilitarian but less bulky than a cargo bike. Indeed, its sleek design, with the handlebars just over one meter high and 1.8 meters long, makes it particularly practical in all circumstances.


Buying an electric bicycle is a long-term investment, especially when it comes to replace your car. This is why you have to choose it according to your needs. However, our needs can evolve over time and even change during the week.

Here again, what differentiates the Yuvy from other electric bikes is its modularity. You will have the advantage of being able to transform it according to your desires and your evolutions. Which is not negligible in terms of durability. Whether your road to work changes, whether you need to carry a child or a package, the Yuvy adapts thanks to its countless useful accessories to follow you in your daily life.

The certification

As we mentioned above, you can take advantage of several state and local government grants for the purchase of an electric bike. Provided that the bike is new on the one hand but above all approved according to European legislation, as is the case of the Yuvy, certified EN 15194.

This certification makes it possible to distinguish electric-assisted bicycles from mopeds and therefore governs the power of the engine, the maximum authorized speed (25 km/h) and the power of the battery.

The price

Finally, the price of course is an element to take into account when you're looking to purchase an electric bike. Especially since prices can soar to over 4 000 € for some models. However, in 2020, french people spent an average of 1,749 € for purchasing an e-bike. That is very close to the price of the Yuvy (1,899 €).

Do not forget that you can get up to 500 euros with the Bike Purchase Bonus. Also, Elwing offers a split payment over 3 or 4 months with no additional costs.


To choose the right electric bike for you, don't hesitate to take the time to compare each vehicle's features. At Elwing, we have focused on making the Yuvy a modular electric bike to allow you to make your own configurations and expand functionality.You can even book a test ride to make up your own mind!

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