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Two on one bike: the advantages of the two-seater electric bike

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Is a two-seater electric bike legal? Are we losing efficiency and autonomy? Is it more expensive? How to take advantage of it? We answer all your questions!

When we talk about a two-seater bike, we can think of the good old tandem, which is not always practical. With the emergence of soft mobility and new, more environmentally friendly means of transport, the supply of electric bicycles has grown significantly. It is in this context that Elwing's Yuvy made its appearance.

The Elwing Yuvy is one of the very first two-seater electric bike models: an electric bike with a real saddle for two, fully comfortable for transporting a passenger in complete safety.

As a couple, with friends, with family, the options are multiple and the advantages numerous.

We'll tell you more about the two-seater bike!

A two-seater electric bike: is it legal?

The Elwing Yuvy is an approved VAE (electrically assisted bicycle).

The Yuvy is an approved compact two-seater electrically assisted cargo bike, it meets the NF EN 15194 standard.

Download the approval certificate

In France, the legal framework on the speed of electrically assisted bicycles (VAE) is European regulations: the speed of an VAE must not exceed 25 km/h. The use of an e-bike does not require a driving license or registration.

In order to meet European legislation and standards, the motor power of an electrically assisted bicycle must be limited to 250 Watts. The Yuvy's 250 Watt motor corresponds to the standard power of a motor for an electric bike.

Legal two-seater saddle

The Elwing Yuvy model is a compact cargo electric bike. The market offer of VAEs (electrically assisted bicycles) in France is wide but two-seater electric bicycles are still rare and the Yuvy is one of the leaders on the market in France.

But is it legal to be two on a bike?

The answer is yes !

The content of article R.431-5 of the highway code mentions:

On motorized motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles, mopeds and cycles, the transport of passengers is only permitted on a seat attached to the vehicle, different from that of the driver. For the purposes of this article, the double saddle or bench seat is considered to be two seats.

In compliance with safety rules

The use of a two-seater cargo bike must be done with suitable equipment and accessories.

Wearing a helmet for both driver and passenger is strongly recommended.

The Elwing Yuvy, optimal performance, even for two!

The Yuvy supports a maximum weight of 180 kg, for safe driving, it is therefore recommended to respect this weight.

The aluminum frame (Custom aluminum 6061 type) offers some of the best strength on the market.

The brakes (Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic disc brakes) allow optimal responsiveness and efficiency, even with two people.

The motor (Bafang 250W RM-G062 80 Nm model) is powerful and allows you to climb hills without worries with a passenger.

Being two on a bike means replacing the car in a dynamic of more responsible and more fluid mobility in the city

More responsible

Car use was responsible for the largest share of CO2 emissions per person in France in 2019. The most obvious way to reduce harmful emissions into the air is therefore to limit car use. thermal, very polluting.

The Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) defines ecomobility as the means of finding alternatives to the systematic use of the car for one's own needs.

Among these means, electric mobility and soft mobility: city bike, cargo bike, mountain bike, longtail, comfort, battery autonomy, the criteria and models are multiple and the choice is not always easy. The advantage of a two-seater, compact and family electric bike is that it can cover very wide and varied uses.

The vocation of Yuvy:

“The Yuvy is a single vehicle for all everyday trips.” Quentin Sartorius, founder of Elwing

More fluid

For city trips, the distance is often shorter, and electric bikes are a very good ally. In fact, over a short distance, the bike will always be preferable to the car. If there can also be two of us, that’s even better!

The autonomy of the Yuvy depends on the choice of battery type. The Yuvy can accommodate two levels of battery life depending on your needs. The standard battery with a range of up to 70 km, the long distance battery with a range of up to 110 km.

The Yuvy from Elwing, is a compact and modular cargo bike model that offers a wide choice of accessories and optional equipment, from safety to comfort, including practicality, the Yuvy offers all the solutions necessary for comfortable and safe journeys.

The Yuvy is compact, making it easy to park in the city.

Being two on a bike is economical

One of the obstacles to purchasing an e-bike can be the price. And yet the electric bike is an economical option, a profitable choice for purchase and in the long term. In terms of means of transport, the options are multiple: the two-seater electric bike is up to the task and is in a good position compared to other means of transport.

When purchasing, the price of an electrically assisted bicycle is lower than a car, a motorcycle or a scooter.

In terms of maintenance or use the price is also lower, electric bikes require no gasoline, no parking costs, and less expensive maintenance.

The initial price is higher than a public transport ticket but an electric bike is reusable over a long period, it is a one-time purchase.

The battery charges at any standard power outlet.

The possibility of being two on an VAE also adds in terms of savings, the price is halved.

Electric bikes are the best allies for ecological and economical practice.

Being two on a cargo bike means enjoying your journeys differently

The characteristics of electric bikes are a very good way to bring freedom, fun and comfort to a journey. This offers the freedom to be able to discuss and exchange. With Elwing's compact cargo bike model and its two-seater saddle, you can ditch the luggage rack, travel with your friend on the mountain bike handlebars and enjoy the comfort of a real seat. A comfortable position and a wide choice of configuration, friend, couple, child... everything is possible.

With friends,

it's the luxury of being able to take a passenger behind you, to enjoy the city without constraints, to be able to say "I'll pick you up" and to offer your passenger a real comfortable saddle.


Yuvy is conducive to intimate moments. As a couple, be able to enjoy a journey in complete freedom, on cycle paths, take a detour to enjoy the view, not run for fear of missing the last metro, find intimacy, proximity, fun . Few bike models allow you to travel as a couple in such a comfortable and simple way.

With family,

a compact two-seater cargo electric bike is a real ally. The modularity of the Yuvy allows you to enjoy trips for two, three, four...

There are many accessories for transporting children. Front seat, rear seat, trailer, depending on the weight and size of your children we present them all to you here: Link to child transport. You can add a child seat to carry your child everywhere. At school, on walks, journeys become pleasant and fun.

The features of Yuvy offer the opportunity to have the best time and enjoy the city differently.

And on its own it’s good too!

Elwing's Yuvy is also a very good option for some quality solo time! It is handy and compact for optimal use.

Price, legal framework, autonomy, speed, comfort, accessories and equipment, special moments... two-seater electric bikes tick all the boxes to make journeys as pleasant as possible.

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