Take care of your Elwing Board's battery during cold periods.

Prenez soin de votre batterie pendant les périodes froides - Elwing

Lithium batteries are now the most advanced system, especially in terms of performance, life and maintenance. This new process has put an end to the era of charge memory, which required users to fully discharge before recharging to prevent the battery's capacity from falling out. Nevertheless, the lithium battery is not resistant to extreme temperatures. When a battery gets hot, performance decreases but cold also has a negative impact on our new generation batteries.

The chemical components in a lithium battery are extremely sensitive to temperature changes, especially when the thermometer drops below 5°C. This sensitivity is reflected in a reduction in battery life or power. Therefore, we will discuss different techniques to maximize your PowerKIT e-skate or Yuvy e-bike batterie.

If the outside temperature does not prevent you from enjoying your Elwing Board, it is still necessary to adapt your behavior to the climate. The most important point when using your Elwing during these periods when the temperature drops below 5° is to avoid the complete discharge of the battery. Therefore, the ideal is to maintain the average charge at around 60-80%, charging your board as much as possible. The use of the board will also be affected by the climate. It is best to avoid using the battery at its maximum power, so it is advisable to limit the use of the sport mode during these periods, especially if the engine is cold.

If the climate prevents you from using your Elwing board for a short period of time (from 1 to 3 weeks), we advise you to store it in optimal conditions. In fact, it is important to always keep your Board's battery full and at temperatures between 15 and 20°C. Even when not in use, the battery will discharge at 5 to 10% per month. This consumption is powered by the Battery Management System which regulates the different elements of the battery.

Finally, in the unfortunate event that you cannot use your Elwing Board for more than a month, we advise you to carry out a complete recharge once a month. This process will allow the BMS to always keep control of the battery to avoid causing irreparable damage.