How to boost your referrals?

Let people try it !

To try it is to adopt it! There are probably people around you who would love to try out your electric skateboard or electric bike. Among your network, but also simply people who are nearby.

It's an opportunity to meet new people, bond with your network and share an experience that you enjoy!

If you also offer them a promo code, the experience will be even better. Don't forget to send them your link!

Share on your social networks

Your friends are also online and many of them would like to hear from you with your electric skate or electric bike. A picture is worth 1000 words. Share your outings and your opinion by posting your photos and videos.

In your posts, think about:

- Insert your referral link

- Mention @elwingboards

- Insert #elwingboards

- Tag the people you are talking to in particular

Post videos on YouTube

Des millions de personnent naviguent sur YouTube pour voir des vidéos de plusieurs minutes sur des vraies expériences crées par des gens "normaux" (pas forcément des influenceurs). Dites-leur tout : filmez-vous en train de rouler, présentez les produits, parlez de votre usage, dites ce que vous pensez vraiment de votre skate ou vélo électrique. Avant d'acheter, c'est tellement plus rassurant d'avoir des avis complets de clients authentiques!

Think about :

- Insert your referral link

- Mention Elwing + the name of the model you use in the video title

- Use relevant keywords concerning the content of your video (ex: test, unboxing, demo, comparison, electric skate, modular two-seater electric bike, electric longboard, Powerkit, Nimbus, Halokee, Yuvy, ...)

- Insert hashtags to gain visibility on keywords (ex: #electricskateboard, #elwingboards, #ebike, # esk8, ...)