Un skateboard électrique modulable du débutant à l'expert - Elwing

A modular electric skateboard from beginners to experts

, by Marjorie Bresson, 3 min reading time

We have designed the Powerkit skateboard in a modular way so that it adapts to all profiles. Whatever your level and your experience. We explain everything about this practice more accessible than you think.

Do you use a traditional skateboard and hesitate to buy an electric skateboard for your travels? You've never practiced skateboard and you're not sure if electric skateboarding is for you? Note that we have precisely designed our Powerkit skateboard in a modular way so that it adapts to all profiles. Whatever your level and your experience. We explain everything about this practice more accessible than you think.

Classic skateboard and electric skateboard

Beyond the practice of classic skateboarding, electric skateboarding is intended for all audiences. In other words, if you are already a rider, obviously your experience will help you but you will see that the sensations are very different. You never used a traditional skateboard ? No worries, that does not compromise the practice of electric skateboarding!

The experience of two beginners:

Lou (on the right) "I was apprehensive about electric skateboarding, especially in terms of speed, but it was very easy. In 15 minutes I had the impression that I have been practicing for a while!"

Maeva (left) "I had the wrong idea of ​​electric skateboarding... thinking that you need a good level to use it. I was very surprised by the ease of this practice and the gliding sensations that I experienced very quickly! "

Tips for getting started

The Elwing electric skateboard is designed for all users. For beginners, here is a few tips for getting started:

Take your time during the first tests. With the remote control, you can start by choosing SLOW mode and test the accelerator before getting on the board. Switch to the SPORT mode once you feel familiar with your electric skateboard.

Then, check which position is the most comfortable for you: "goofy" with the right foot in front of the board or "regular" with the left foot in front of the board. Place both feet on the trucks and counteract the acceleration and braking movements with your weight: lean forward when accelerating and back when braking to avoid imbalances.

The experience of an expert:

Whether it's for commuting or going to business appointments, Martin goes the miles with his PowerKIT Nimbus Dual LR Sport. This long distance enthusiast, who already did more than 2000km, shares his experience with us:

Which configuration ?

Like our Yuvy Electric Bike, we've designed the Powerkit electric skateboard to be modular and suitable for all uses. So you can customize your board so that it is as optimized as possible for each of your trips. First of all, you'll have to choose between the Powerkit and the Powerkit Sport. The first one, whose speed is limited to 25 km/h, is approved and allows you to drive on the public  roads. The sport version, that can reach 38 km/h, is made for private roads. Then, for each of the skateboards you can choose the short deck, Nimbus, which is responsive and precise. Or the long deck, Halokee which is more stable, especially if you are just starting out. Elwing also offers you the option of choosing between a single motor or a more powerful dual motor to climb hills up to 20%. Finally, choose a standard or long distance battery. The first on charges in 90 minutes for 15 km of range, while the other one provide a range of 30 km and charges in 3 hours.

All components of the Powerkit are compatibles. Whatever configuration you choose during your purchase, you can easily add or replace one of these modules later !


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