Our range of reconditioned products

Notre gamme de produits reconditionnés - Elwing

At Elwing, we are committed to providing you with products and an offer that reflect our times and our social and environmental contexts. We know that electric mobility is particularly important in reducing our environmental footprint. The refurbishment of our products therefore demonstrates a desire to move towards a responsible production and consumption method.

We explain how reconditioning works.

A new life for our boards

With Elwing, our commitments are numerous. We want to offer you vehicles that are flexible and therefore sustainable, but also affordable. As a company, we attach importance to also being as responsible as possible for our own operations.

As a company, we attach great importance to being as responsible as possible for our own operations, which is why we collect Powerkit skateboards for repair and refurbishment and offer them for sale at an attractive price.

Reconditioning: under what conditions?

At the moment, we are focusing on the boards that are returned to us within the withdrawal period. According to our policy, it is possible to return a skateboard free of charge within 14 days of delivery. All conditions for a return and refund are detailed on our website.

Those boards that are returned to us, as well as those that have a slight manufacturing defect at the end of production, are reconditioned in our workshop in Bordeaux. Each board is then meticulously scrutinised: we check the components one by one, we carry out tests and we clean them before offering them for sale again.

Reconditioned products: the characteristics

It is important to know that all our reconditioned boards are certified and under warranty for two years, i.e. the same as new boards. The selling price of these boards is adapted to the level of obsolescence of the product.

To help you in your purchase, we claim two levels of refurbished products. Gold category skateboards have only been used once before being refurbished and show only extremely slight traces of wear and tear. For the Silver category, the boards may show some traces of wear but they have been completely overhauled. Of course, in both cases, the Powerkits are in perfect working order.



At Elwing, we strive to extend the service life of our products as much as possible. The reconditioning of certain skateboards is part of this desire and allows us to offer you products at adapted prices. Also, in the future, we would like to succeed in developing a viable economic model to take back your boards outside of this retraction period. To be continued !