Don't go riding without reading this!

N'allez pas rider sans lire ça - Elwing

It is very important to remember that the practice of electric skateboarding is not without risks. The fun side of this mode of transport involves necessary safety considerations. This article aims to make you aware of the potential risks involved in the practice of electric skateboarding.

We wanted to create a powerful product that provides exceptional sensations. This is why the sport mode is so powerful. Whether in terms of acceleration or higher speed, the sport mode can be insidious for non-initiated riders. We advise you to practice in "Slow" mode, to find your feet, to test your limits... The performance of the sport mode will be more enjoyable with the control of the board.

It is possible to lose the connection between the remote control and the board during practice, due to radio interference, the remote control falling out or a technical problem with the skateboard. This loss of connection leads to a shift in the freewheel and a lack of control on the board, such as the accelerator or brake. We recommend that users sharpen their freewheeling skills to compensate for the lack of assistance in the event of a loss of connection. It can be helpful to know how to brake even when the engine is off.

In a previous article we discussed the legislation around electric skateboarding. As we have seen, the status of this mode of transport is rather vague, so you can drive close to different vehicles: bicycles, cars, electric vehicles... We would like to remind you that all these vehicles can be dangerous for us, the riders. We invite all Elwing Users to ride with caution and respect other users.

Elwing boards, a fun and efficient mode of transport, is not without risks. Speed, steep slopes or other users can be dangerous for Elwing Skateboarders. So, we conclude this article with the most important advice: Wear a helmet during your outings and daily trips!