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How to choose your electric skateboard?

, by Quentin Sartorius, 6 min reading time

Are you discovering the world of electric skateboarding? You don't know which model to choose? This article will help you understand everything in a few minutes to make your choice with complete peace of mind.

If you are considering purchasing an electric skateboard , the choice is not necessarily simple as the offer is varied and the criteria are numerous. First, you need to determine whether you plan to use it off-road or in an urban environment. In this post, we will focus on urban electric skateboards and present the criteria that will allow you to quickly identify the best electric skateboards for your use.

How comfortable are you in board sports?

Electric skateboarding can be practiced without needing to be an excellent skateboarder or a regular practitioner of board sports. Contrary to what you might think, it is much easier to learn to ride an electric skateboard than a classic skateboard, because once you have found your balance on an electric skateboard, you can already do a few hundred meters without having to change position. In classic skateboarding, you have to continually push with one foot, then reposition yourself. This constant imbalance is specific to classic skateboarding but disappears as soon as you no longer need to push with your feet to move forward.

If you are a beginner, we recommend that you start with an electric longboard for stability, and use mode 1 of the remote control so that acceleration and braking are very progressive.

If you are already comfortable in board sports, you will quickly be able to move on to a powerful, compact, fast skateboard.

In all cases, we strongly recommend that you wear at least a helmet and wrist and knee protection.

What use will you make of it?

Then, you have to imagine the main use you will make of it. It is important to plan the autonomy according to your typical route, and also the level of lightness you will need.

If you plan to make it a hobby and ride on weekends and don't necessarily need to take public transport with it, a long-distance battery will probably be the right choice, even if it means sacrificing a little weight. When driving, the weight is felt relatively weakly. You can therefore easily choose an electric longboard with double motor and long-distance battery to make the most of your outings. For example, the Elwing Halokee Performance model electric longboard is perfect for this use. It weighs 7.6 kg, can travel up to 25 km and offers acceleration and braking that are both intuitive and sensational. The torque delivered by the two motors allows you to feel safe even on hills, both downhill and uphill.

If, on the other hand, you need to alternate with public transport or climb stairs, the lightness and compactness of your electric skateboard become essential criteria. You will probably benefit from choosing a smaller deck, simple motorization and a simple battery , even if it means carrying a second spare battery in your backpack so you don't have to recharge too often. In this case, we will recommend a more compact model like the Powerkit Nimbus electric skateboard Single motor and standard battery . Weighing only 6 kg, it still offers a range of 15 km and its small size makes it easy to store under a train seat or under a desk.

Note that if you plan to ride on public roads, you will need to choose an approved version (the choice is made via the remote control) and ensure your electric skateboard to ride legally. Unapproved remote controls are intended for use in competition or on private land because they are equipped with a “Sport” mode - whose maximum speed can reach 38 km/h - exceeds the 25 km/h authorized on public roads in France.

In order to get the most out of your electric skateboard, it is important to have an ergonomic remote control. The best remotes have a progressive throttle for intuitive acceleration. Some remote controls like the Powerkit OLED remote control have a screen and advanced features, allowing you to control and display real-time speed, mileage, distance per trip, direction and the selected ride mode.

Once you are clear on these main criteria and have identified the model that suits you, don't forget to check:

The general quality of the product : Make sure that the product has CE certificates and that the batteries used are of good quality (preferably major brands like LG, Samsung, Panasonic or Sony). Also check the quality of the materials of the decks, wheels and trucks and the general waterproofing. This can have a strong impact on the quality of the experience.

The quality of customer service : electric skateboards are machines that are often put to the test and have a certain number of wearing parts. Make sure that the brand is committed to offering the best customer service, over time and based on the use you will make of your electric longboard.

And tomorrow ?

What's magical about board sports is being able to evolve and rediscover your practice indefinitely. These indescribable and unlimited sensations coupled with technology that continues to advance mean that you will probably want to change a few things on your electric skateboard in the years to come. At Elwing you will not have to repurchase an entire product. We designed our electric skateboards to be as modular as possible. So, in just a few minutes you can change the tray, the remote control, the motor and the battery. Sometimes you just need to change the board to discover a new sensation. Our Powerkit range is designed from the ground up to be scalable and able to accommodate new configurations as we develop our offering and incorporate new technologies. The goal is for you to keep your product as long as possible.

We are also working on the second life of our products to restore them to perfect working order, in compliance with our quality standards, guarantee them again and resell them.

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