How to choose your electric skateboard

When it comes to buying an electric skateboard, there are many different things to consider. In this post, we will not focus on urban electric skateboards. Here are a few things you should check out to find the one that suits you best:

● Top speed: it depends on many factors (rider weight, road inclination, surface quality...). Manufacturers of electric skateboards often calculate their top speed in the best conditions (flat, clean road, full battery, about 80 Kg rider). You can reduce it by about 5 Km/h to calculate your top speed in most real conditions. With the Powerkit, you can choose a configuration with a single motor (and reach up to 32km/h) or a setup with two motors (with a maximum speed of 38km/h).

● Weight: During the ride, the weight of the board has little impact. However, when you use it to get to work, weight becomes a key factor as you often have to carry it on public transport or climb stairs. If this is the case, you will need a board that is as light as possible. Our Powerkit electric skateboards with a single motor and a single battery weigh only 6kg.

● Prices: You will find all kinds of prices on the market. If you focus on skateboards powered by lithium batteries, prices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. The price will not only depend on the battery and the quality and size of the motor, but also on the overall quality of the design. Trucks, wheels, bridge, bushings, bearings, hardware and high quality plastic housing are more expensive but can make a huge difference in the driving experience.

● Remote control: It is important to have a user-friendly remote control, both during and after the journey. The best remote controls are the smallest, with a progressive accelerator for smooth acceleration. Another interesting feature is that you can attach it to the board when you are finished, so you don't lose it. Some electric skateboards also have their own smartphone app that provides extra functions that are not essential but can be nice to have (board lock, position tracking, analysis...).

● Certification: Electric skateboards are sensitive, like all light electric vehicles, because they use lithium batteries. Make sure you choose batteries that are certified to the highest quality standards (CE, FCC) to avoid manufacturing problems that could cause serious damage.In addition, the practice of electric skateboarding in public places is now legal and regulated in France. If you want to use the Powerkit on public roads, you can choose the approved Powerkit with a speed limit of 25km/h. The sports version of the Powerkit is not limited in terms of speed and can reach 38 km/h. 

● Modularity: If you are not sure what specifications you need, modularity can be something very important to consider before buying your first board. At Elwing, we have gone to great lengths to create fully modular electric vehicle, so that you can customize and upgrade them as you go along. The POWERKIT skateboard offers many options of decks, motors, batteries, remote controls. For example: if you start with a Standard Battery. Just buy a Long Range Battery to double the distance. Each part is easily removable, allowing you to ride with an extra battery in your backpack and change it along the way to keep riding forever. In the same way, you can switch to a double drive or put on a different deck at any time.